Friday, March 28, 2008


Friday ~ the last working day in a week..... No mood to work (-.-)..... Today is a bit dif from the rest of theFri... i'm planning to go back to subang ..... n decided to leave office around 430pm. Grrrrr...... This morning juz attended a meeting, more work to do and it has to b done by the end of today... (T_T).... sianz ~~~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

コブクロ - 苍く 优しく

Shunsuke Kuroda (黒田俊介) & Kentaro Kobuchi (小渕健太郎) - members of コブクロ.

The title of the song is 苍く 优しく ( aoku yasashiku), i'm not sure whether is this the correct translation in English... "Blue , Gentle " . This song is sang by コブクロ (kobukuro), a famous japanese band. It is also the theme song for the drama "Dream Again" staring Takashi Sorimachi (反町龙史),Shida Mirai (志田未来) and Kato Ai (加藤 愛).

Takashi Sormachi staring Ogi Shunsuke who is pro baseball player that is force for retirement over an injury. He continues to train in hope of returning to the game, but a sudden accident leads to his death. God decides to give him a second chance, placing his soul into the body of another man - a wealthy fund company manager - but adjusting to his new life isn't easy. The story goes on showing how he manage to overcome all the problem with his new identity, family members, lover and at the same time pursuing his dream - to return to the baseball pitch.

Dream Again

The lyrics describe the feeling of one who is going to pursuit his or her dream which is being forgotten for a long time. Listening to this song reminds me not to give up on the dreams that we once so eager to achieve. No matter how long have we let it go ... it is not 2 late to start from now. As long as we did tried to achieve it , we might earn something that is much more valuable along the way. At the end, it does no matter do we rilli reach our goal, we will not regret ....

コブクロ - 苍く 优しく

あの日の梦を 今もずっと 追いかけ続けていたら
今顷仆は どこにいて 何をしていたんだろう
ため息で锖び付いたこの键で 今もまだ开くのかな
信じたまま脱ぎ舍てた梦と一绪に仆を待ってる あの日のロッカー
今よりずっと苍く 优しく见えた空
何を忘れたんだろう 何を忆えたんだろう 何を见つけたんだろう
答えのない问いに 白く渗んだ空
踏み出せなかったあの道は 今ここに続いていた
何度负けても 间违えても 梦は终わりじゃない
何度経っても たった一度の 谛めに崩れていく
谁にもの长い上り坂 今仆の目の前に
切り替えしてしまえばまた 后悔だけが仆を待ってる 下り坂
心の叫びなど 谁にも闻こえない
だから笑うんだよ 涙が出るんだよ だから辉くんだよ
自分らしさを探して 谁かの真似もしてみた
何かが违うんだよ 谁にも闻けないんだよ
今よりずっと苍く 优しく见えた空
あの日よりずっと苍く 强く信じた空
踏み出せなかったあの道は 今どこに

あの日の仆が ずっと待ってた 心の行き止まりで
少しだけ话を闻いてくれるかい 少しだけ休んでもいいかい