Friday, April 30, 2010











Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Slept too early last night ⌐_⌐"""
Good morning and I'm going to do something crazy .. watch a movie before going to work .. :p
Going to watch Jacky Chan's 《大兵小将》. Hopefully can finish the movie before 7am :p

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny Sales Promoter at PC Fair

Today I went to Pikom PC Fair in PISA. There I met this funny sales promoter. He is suppose to promote a "HDMI Player" - something similar to those rmvb/dvix player which support HDMI output for HD quality movie. The funny part is the video being played on the LCD panel beside it was simply crappy. Out of curiosity I went forward and ask this guy :

me : boss, this clip resolution so bad 1, can change to another clip ar?

promoter : o.. the clip is not source from this player, it is coming from my laptop through the VGA port, that's y quality is low lo...

me : lidat ar... can u switch to the HDMI output from this player ar ? wanna see the quality of the player ma...

promoter : o .. the HDMI player output is already connected to here. However it was connected through RGB cable so the video not that nice oso lar ...
(he was pointing to a small crt tv next to the player)

me : ... errrr... can connect the HDMI output to the LCD instead ar? Like this hard to see the performance ler ....

promoter : o ... sry ar...we do not have any HDMI cable so cannot connect lo...

me : ........

Bro, u are selling "HDMI Player" and you said u don't have any HDMI cable to show me the quality of the player .. O.o