Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IQ test

Quite an interesting IQ test here .... A lot ppl may already seen it before. The guy who posted it in a forum stated that you need IQ 140 and above in order to answer it. Well, it is not that tough anyway, got it solved in 2mins. Btw my IQ is way below 140... =P. So this is how the question looks like:

P and Q both know that there are 16 cards inside a box. They also know the suits and numbers of the cards.

Spade : J, 8, 4, 2, 7, 3
Heart : A, Q, 4
Club : K, Q, 5, 4, 6
Diamond : A, 5

R pickup a card from the box. He only tells P about the number and Q about the suit.
Simple question , which card?

P : I don't know.
Q : I knew that you don't know.
P: Well, I got it now.
Q: Hmm... I also got it now.

So which card ?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Japanese Wooden Doll

Last week I went to the Bon-Odori(盆踊り) in Penang. Bon-Odori simply means the Bon dance. It is a traditional dance performed during the Obon festival in Japan. Welli got a chance to see our Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng to perform the Bon-Odori for the 1st time... (^_^) I miss the chance to record the video of the dance, even if I do, the video quality would be extreamly low with my handset... However i do get the pic of him performing the dance ~~

Back to the main topic here... I bought 2 Japanese wooden doll from 1 of the booth in Bon-Odori. Those dolls are just so cute. You can even twist their head 360 deg to have them looking at different directions. It comes in pair (male and female). Here are some pic of the dolls.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do you like basketball?

"Do you like basketball?"

This was the question directed to Sakuragi Hanamichi in the manga Slam Dunk. As a gifted rookie in the basketball arena, he knew nothing about basketball. His intention was to get closer to his dream girl Haruko who is the sister of the basketball team's captain - Arakagi. However after entering the arena, he slowly developed the great interest and spirit over basketball. When he was threw with the same question for the 2nd time, he finally could answer from the bottom of his heart

"Yes, I like basketball. I like it so much"

Slam Dunk was a manga series published all over the world during my secondary school years. Those were the time where i was 1st introduced to basketball. Reading the manga actually helps me to gain more and more interest playing basketball. Even up to now, I'm still playing basketball frequently. Whenever there is uneasiness in my life or felt stress all over, the basketball court would be the best place for me to relax my mind.

If you ever ask me the same question, I would definitely have the answer - "Yes, I like it so much"

The reason the inspired me to come up with this post would be the following clip which I found out from youtube last night. The last match of Shohoku in Slam Dunk. Their spirit of not giving up the match is really touching.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is a TV program of TVB "星期二档案" featuring "檳城在望" in conjunction with the 100 days of opposition state government in Penang. In the interview, our Penang Chief Minister,Lim Guan Eng expressed his feelings for the new state government and the hope of a better future for the Malaysians. Enjoy all the 3 series of 檳城在望. (^_^)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

crazy friday

When is the last time when u hanging around with ur frenz overnight and went back in the morning? This kind of lifestyle is not an odd case for me when i was studying in the university. However when coming into the working lifestyle, this kind of event only happens once in a blue moon. Ppl are juz so busy with work and can't hardly come out for a simple "yamcha" session.

Last Friday, I did experience the long forgotten memory again. Guess what, basketball session till 8pm, then follow by steamboat until 11pm. Next k-session until 4am.. lastly back to office surf net and watch drama all the way till 9am. Sounds crazy but fun...

Friday, July 11, 2008

posting via handset

Guess wat ... Now i'm actually editing this post through my handphone... well my hp does not hav wifi neigther 3g... Juz wana try out dif way of posting especially when i'm away from my pc... ;-) not bad huh...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anime's Terms

Some of the terms u may find in the anime (^_^)

1. こんばんは - ko n ba n wa
Good evening

2. おはようございます - o ha yo u go za i ma su
Good morning

3. お休(やす)みなさい - o ya su mi na sai
Good night

4. お元気(げんき)ですか - o ge n ki de su ka
How are you?

5. いくらですか - i ku ra de su ka
How much?

6. すみません - su mi ma se n
Excuse me / sorry

7. ごめんなさい - go me n na sa i

8. どういうことですか - do u i u ko to de su ka
What does it mean?

9. どうしたの - do u shi ta no
どうしたんですか. do u shi ta n de su ka
What is going on?

10. なんでもない - na n de mo na i
Its nothing.

11. ちょっと待ってください - cho tto ma tte ku da sa i
A moment please.

12. 约束(やくそく)します - ya ku so ku shi ma su

13. これでいいですか - ko re de i i de su ka
Is it alright to be like this.. (malaysia style: like this ok ar? =P)

14. けっこうです - ke kko u de su
もういいです - mo u i i de su
It's ok / no, thanks

15. どうして - do u shi te
なぜ -na ze

16. いただきます - i ta da ki ma su
greetings before you start a meal.

17. ごちそうさまでした - go chi so u sa ma de shi ta
greetings after your meal.

18. ありがとうございます - a ri ga to u go za i ma su
Thank you.

19. どういたしまして - do u i ta shi ma shi te
You are welcome.

20. 本当(ほんとう)ですか- ho n to u de su ka
Really ?

21. うれしい - u re shi i
happy (for female)

22. よし.いくぞ - yo shi i ku zo
Let's go (male)
好!出发(行动) (男性用语)

23. いってきます. i tte ki ma su
I'm leaving (greetings when u r leaving)

24. いってらしゃい. i te ra sha i
greetings respone to いってきます.

25. いらしゃいませ. i ra si ya i ma se

26. じゃ,またね. Jya, ma ta ne
See you again / bye

27. では,また. de wa ma ta
See you again / bye

28. 信(しん) じられない. shi n ji ra re na i

29. ううん,そうじゃない. u u n so u ja na i
no, it;s not like that.

watz inside of ur Brain???

Came across this funny website... the application can analyze the content of ur brain juz by keying in ur name... juz neglect the japanese language and key in ur name at the text box.. here is mine ...
the 1st line " the image inside of ~~wilson~~'s brain"
so ... its all about money, love & friendship... juz give a try.. (^_^)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chinese Language Text Book for Japanese

We herd a lot of ppl here are learning Japanese language... so do the Japanese learn others languages?? Yes of course they do.... I found out this text book for the Japanese to learn Chinese language... It is a bit funny about some of the topics in the book...

Check the first line " Chapter 20 - Dialogue of Love Confession " ⌐_⌐|||
I wonder how come I don't have this topic in my English text book... lol... Useless and "老土" lines for love confession...Note the small little icon beside the dialogue, it indicates the guys or the girls should say the corresponding lines~~

Here comes the funny part... "Chapter 25 - Hotel" = . = b
Teaching a person how to pursue a girl to spend a night in the hotel with you!!!! wtf....

The last one... [>_<] "Chapter 26 -Dialogue of Having Sex" ... Shit... this is a great 1... now I finally undersatnd why there are so mant AV in Japan... they even include all these "communication skills" in the sylibus ... lol... I wonder is there education center in Japan uses this book as a teaching material ?? ...