Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"Probability" represents the chances of something that will happen. In M'sia education system, we learn probability during secondary school in the maths / statistic (I dun rilly rmb =P). Today I come across with some tricky probability questions:

In a game show, u r given choices of 3 doors. There is only a door with a car behind it whereby the rest has nothing. Lets say if u choose door #1. The host of the show will then open a door that has nothing behind it (eg. #3). After that u r given a chance to switch ur choice between door #1 and #2. What is the probability of getting the car between 2 choices : switch or no switch? Assume that the host will always open one of the empty door...

The correct answer is 2/3 if u change ur selection to door #2 and 1/3 if u remain ur initial choice. Do u agree with this answer? Try figure out the reason behind it ... =P.. At first I thought it should be 1/2 chance for both cases... however if u try to analyze the possible of combination behind it .. u will eventually agree with this answer....

This solution was made by Marilyn vos Savant. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records 1986 -1989 for having the highest IQ. Juz google search if you wish to know more detail… =P

The second question should be very common for those who studied "probability" before. I think this question was actually included in the examples in the math textbook. Well, let’s see how much u can recall ur memory….. It is the popular Boy or Girl problem:

We have family A and B, each of the family has 2 children. Given that the elder child is a boy for family A and one of the children is a boy for family B. What is the probability that the other child is a girl for family A and B?

The answer is 1/2 for A and 2/3 for B. Shouldn’t be a tough problem….. (^_^)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smart Choice ???

Just wanna share a story :

It was late at night and u r driving ur car. It was raining heavily outside. When u passed by a bus stop, u met 3 persons who was waiting for public transport.

1st person: An old man who wants to go to the hospital for treatment.
2nd person : A doctor who once saved ur life.
3rd person : He/She which is the one that u have dreaming of in ur entire life.

If u leave the old man, he might die due to the late treatment. However u also want to repay the doctor. And finally, u might not be able to meet him/her (3rd person) again in ur life if u miss this chance. Ur car can only accommodate 2 persons including u urself. What would be ur choice???

The first thing come across my mind would be "save the old man of course". It seems like nothing is more important compare to saving life. Do u think it's really a smart choice.....? Well, look at this answer:

"Let the doctor drive my car and send the old man to the hospital. I'll stay back and wait for the public transport together with the one that i dreamed of..."

I think most of us would be agree that this is indeed a smart choice. However we never do think of this choice in the 1st place. A little thought behind the story : Most of the time, we never think of giving up what we are having now ( just like the car in the story). Sometimes, by giving up or letting go some of our stubbornness, we might eventually gain more than what we have lost...

Monday, August 11, 2008


What would prompt up in ur head when u come across with "080808"? Is it the breath taking opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic? Money ? ... since "8" represents "發" in Chinese. For me it would be my brother's wedding ceremony.

080808 is the day tat my elder brother Edward married his beloved wife Yong Wei. Congratulations Edward!!! This is the most important day in my bro's life. Here is some moments that I would like to share.

I went back to Subang the night before, this is the 1st thing that caught me eye when I enter the house. A huge bouquet of flower. 3 water lilies, 6 roses.... +++ ... My bro didn't tell me how much does it cost.... sure it is costly...

Bouquet of Flower for my "大嫂"

On the big day ... I had to wake up at 630am... yup it is 630am and we were starting to dress up for the big event. I wonder ... the ceremony starts at 9am..... juz tell me y we need to get up soooooo early... [>_<]..... Well, then later only I notice ... it is Friday and I'm actually in Subang .... You can always put an equivalent sign for "traffict jam" and "Subang"... we departed at around 730am and eventually it took us 1 hour to reach our destination... (x_x)... The first thing we do over there would be shooting all around the places... with a cam of coz.. =P ... Here are some pic that was taken before the ceremony...

Note the banner "080808" (^_^)My sis and Yong WeiDifferent type of wedding dress .. basically I think it is very nice
My sis .. Tracy ...
Here is our bride and bridegroom .. my brother is holding the flower ... coz its too heavy ..=P

The group photo session started at 9am... 238 couples gathered in front of the Hokkien Association Building for the session... there are just too much cameras around... lol... ppl holding camera juz stood in front of the brides and grooms and flashes are all over the place ... it finally ended up in the official camera man shouting at the crowd (which included me) to back off in order to have a clear shot..... =P....
Click for larger image ... 238 couples... wow!!! Congratulations to all (^_^)

After the photo shooting session, the ceremony finally kick off. Everybody gathered inside the building. Before the main event took place... always ... there will be speeches from those VIP... bla bla bla~~ for more than 1 1/2 hour... gosh.. they really can speak... may be this is the only chance they got to speak in the public.. =P... anyway thanks them for organizing this event...
So .. after the looooong speech session, the couples were finally ready to go on stage, received their cert .... and exchange of wedding ring .... 238 pair... what a great number... they went up to the stage in sequence.. luckily Edward was on #16 ... which did not take much time waiting for the first 15 couples...

Special moment of Edward and Yong Wei which they will never forget for the rest of their life.
Finally we got married!!! (^_^)

When we were leaving for lunch... we saw the vj form "家娱" tv station was reporting this event. Of course this include interviewing the couples around here ... my brother was the also got a chance to express his feeling over the mass media...

Interview from "家娱" tv station... i personally like the part where my brother actually said :

Welcoming new member to our family

Congratulation Edward & Yong Wei ....