Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Juz found out an interesting game here.. the name is "Osu!"
Osu! is a musical / rhythm game ... you can download it online foc ... The gameplay is similar to a game in NDS ( i can't really recall the name) ... You can choose to play solo or multiplayer mode .. which you can play with those who are online... there is an embedded chat room available as well.. ( haven't try it yet.. still noob .. paiseh to go online.. ).. Anyway here is a vid about the game ...

Isn't it fun to play?... (^_^) .. the game installer is just ~16MB, pretty small huh... =P .. you can download the game installer here ... after finsih installation, you need to download the songs (beatmap) from the same site.. besides you can create your own beatmap as well.. :)

Some of the songs that I have downloaded ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iPhone girl

Last month a British guy bought his brand new iPhone, he was surprised that the home screen (background) is already customized with a photo of a young factory worker smiling and posing a victory sign in the iPhone assembly line.. He posted the pics in a Apple discussion website ... and boom!! .. she became a big sensation over the world.. she is now known as the iPhone girl ...

Acording to the China's media /press , iPhone girl was working in the Foxcom Technology in Shenzhen.. she was testing the iPhone features and forgot to delete it.. (^_^) .. I wonder if she got fired bcoz of this .. she is very cute indeed .. I think I saw some forumers dubbing her "China's prettiest factory girl" .. isn't she cute ??

Monday, September 22, 2008


Guess what is a rotator ? .. it is a shower and a bath tub at the same time.. check this out ...

The Rotator was designed by Ron Arad for an Italy furniture store named Teuco... Here is a vid about it ..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jdrama - Last Friends

I should have been writing this long time ago but I just couldn't find the right way to do it .. not really wanna spoil this nice song and drama .... so here is it ... another great jdrama here .. "Last Friends"

If you search for any video sharing sites or any forums / blogs ... i'm sure u can find a lot of info about this drama .. here my version :

Last Friends - starring Nagasawa Msami and Ueno Juri as the main 2 chacracters in the drama...
The 1st episode describe about how the disaster started on Michiru when she found out that her bf has a great possessive over her ... and it leads to DV .. (i was wondering what is DV .. digital video den only i found out .. domestic violence.. -_-b .. Later she seeks for help from Ruka and ends up becoming Ruka's housemate ...

Ruka on the other hand is a boyish, tough girl (totally different from the Juri that i've known... ), she was Michiru's best friends since high school .. however there is something else that she felt for Michiru, something more than friends (guess wat? hehehe) .. look at the pic and u know y (spoiler here )... =p.. after watching the 1st episode... i juz couldn't stop watching the rest of it ..

After finish watching "Last Friends" I've tried to figure some of the definition of "love" and "relationship" in the drama .. oh.. crap i'm juz not tat good in tis .. I mean how could a simple relationship end up in such complicated and thrilling drama? I dun really like the ending here .. It started so well and it should deserved something more than this in the end ( it juz like the Beijing Olympic closing ceremony whereby ppl are expecting something big ) ... Overall it is a great drama .. and I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 ~

The theme song is awesome.. great song from Utada Hikaru.. She wrote song for the drama within a night .. it came out to fit the drama perfectly ... the opening mv of the drama is astonishing... i got the mv here .. it rocks.. (^_^)

Full MV :


Another discovery here .. how creative ur pillow could be? In Japan, this is another "pervert" type of pillow for guys... So guys out there ... planning to get 1?? lol ... anw.. it might not be a bad idea getting 1 for ur friends' b'day present ... wakakakakaka..

One of my friend post it on a forum .. asking for a C cup ... lol.... I alwaz wonder what is inside those Japanese' brains ? ⌐_⌐|||

Monday, September 15, 2008

new pc ..

Finally got my new pc working well ... its been sooo long since i've planned to get a new pc .. the old pc is almost obsolete.. Last month, there is some problem with my graphic card... the windows hanged half way loading when using the DVI output. The problem seems fixed when i switched to the D-sub (analog) output, however the start up is not consistent... it still hanged 4/5 times startup.. and finally i decided to get a new one... (^_^)...

After spending > 5 hours in Lowyat .. finally i have my ultimate gaming rig done... I wouldn't post the price here... (^_^) .. my mom is gonna sound me if she knew the price .. sorry mom if u r reading tis .. . anw .. it cost me RM11 for the parking (T_T) ...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISA ... @#$@$

Juz wake up and find this on the front page of the newspaper, RPK, Tan Hoong Cheng and Teresa Kok was detained under the Internal Security Act for being a threat to security, peace and public order. WTH... I'm wondering who has the authority over the ISA? Who order the police force to make the charges? IF they are detained under ISA, why would that scumbag Ahmad Ismail is suspended but not detained? The racist remark from this jerk is not a threat to public peace? wtf is this ISA ?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mr. Children - HANABI 花火

Nice song from Mr. Children. This is the theme song for the jdrama "Code Blue". It was just 3 years ago when i was introduced to Mr. children. Back at tat time I still wonder what kind of band it could be .. with the name "Mr Children" ~~ another boyband maybe.. it's then that i know that they are actually a group of "uncle" =p and they indeed one of the most popular band in Japan .... the 1st song from them that i listen is くるみ ... i still got it listed in my favourite section here... (^_^) .. the mv is juz soooo touching ... here is their new single ... HANABI... another great song from Mr.Children....

Mr.Children 『HANABI』





もう一回もう一回 もう一回もう一回

誰も皆 悲しみを抱いている


笑っていても 泣いて過ごしても
その声は今 君にも聞こえていますか

もう一回もう一回 もう一回もう一回



もう一回もう一回 もう一回もう一回

誰も皆 問題を抱えている