Thursday, April 30, 2009

陈奕迅 - 七百年后 x WALL-E

Somebody made this MV featuring scenes from Wall-E and Eason's new song - 七百年后 . I prefer this MV instead of the original (^_^). Great song from Eason ..

This song is recorded in Eason's latest album H3M (HHHM). Try to to guess the meaning of HHHM .. hehehe ... "hou hou hou mai" (好好好卖), hak hou hak min (黑口黑面) .. lol

I found this somewhere over the net : H3M = Hyper Horrendous Hybrid Maniac
Never know what does it mean :p

作曲:柳重言 作词:林若宁
编曲:柳重言 监制:柳重言/DavyChan/CY/陈奕迅



情怀不衰 无论枯乾山水
仍然能送你 儿时玩具
七百年 潮流里



情怀不衰 无论枯乾山水
仍然能送你 儿时玩具
七百年 潮流里


情怀不衰 无论枯乾山水
仍然能送你 儿时玩具
七百年 随年岁
记忆老去 仍然有你的忠心爱侣

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm checking the numbers here .. gosh .. I got less than 10 post for this month >_< .. I should have more time for blogging since my project is almost ramped down ... hmmm ... emotionalistic may be right about me .. addicted to games and lazy to update the blog .. :p

Anyway .. here are the stuffs that keep me away from blogging .. :p

1) Restaurant City on Facebook (^_^)

Setup your own restaurant, trade ingredients with friends, setup the menu ... I don't like the open air toilet so .. no toilet in my restaurant :p

2) The Last Remnant (PC)

Nice graphic, good storyline, the only drawback - no vsync setting

3) Red Alert 3

A bit not realistic .. the empire troops are too advance in technology for the world war 2 ..
(It got nothing to do with the chicks :p)

4) Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP)

I only can understand half of the story as the English version is not released yet >_< .Great game if you like final fantasy ..

5) Mana Khemia (PSP)

Port over from PS2, great feature on alchemist .. I like it ^_^

6) Loco Roco 2 (PSP)

Cute and funny gameplay .. I got my body swaying left and right most of the time :p

What else ? Here comes the Anime :

1) 07 Ghost

I've just finished episode 2 ... interesting storyline ..

2) Chrome Shelled Regios

3) Full Metal Alchemist 2009

The famous alchemist brothers are back with new storyline.

4)Tears to Tiara

5) Sengoku BASARA

Great fighting scene !!!

6)Valkyria Chronicle


And for last weekend - Brother Laughing (Laughing 哥) ..

My favorite character in the series ...


Have you ever encounter this error msg b4 when you try to delete a folder or mayb a file ?

The file or folder are locked due to some applications or programs that are accessing it. This is stopping you from deleting it. The workaround is to terminate the specific programs or applications. This is similar to the case whereby you are unable to remove the external USB flash memory.

The thing which I hate the most is that you knew the folder is locked but you just couldn't tell which applications is locking it. Here comes the worst case, it is locked by some programs / applications running at the background which you don't even notice unless you bring up the task manager. And even if you do so, you will most probably just seeing bunch of processes / applications. So how do you know which program to kill? It finally ends up in restarting your PC (>_<).

Here comes a nice tool which can solve the problem. The name is "Unlocker". The "Unlocker" can log the list of program accessing the specific folder, and you are given the options whether to kill the process or to unlock it. Once the file is unlocked, you can proceed to delete the folder. It is very user friendly.

The Unlocker is a freeware, you can find more information and download the tool from here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I got 50!!!

Lately I've been playing "Restaurant City" on Facebook. Another fun game from PlayFish. Today I finally get 50.0 popularity ... (^_^)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Further study :p

Recently I heard that someone is willing to send ppl back to school if they are weak in specific language. I think I might need to take that opportunity ... here is the reason :

Can anyone translate this "mereka sepatutnya membalas budi" ?

Below is my understanding after 15 years of M'sia education.

1) "mereka" , I'm sure the meaning is "they" , oh wait .. there is another one , it is a verb - "invent".

2) "sepatutnya ", the meaning is "should" , no doubt on this since google translated so.

3) "membalas", wow.. there are so many explanations on this depends on the usage ... errr ... oh .. I've just recalled some fella told me not to translate word by word ... we should see the meaning of the sentence in overall ... okok .. so here is my answer:

"They should be grateful"

No matter how you put in a paragraph or sentence, it still sounds the same to me ... However there are just ppl who said that it was wrong [>_<] Alright .. I'm not good in this .. so pls send me back to school .. :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Natsumi Step

This is a pretty old stuff. Some of you might have seen it before. For the ladies pls do not click on the explanation if you think you are not up to the creepy stuff .... ( I've already got scolded when I showed this 2 some of my friends)

I put up the video version instead of the original flash file since it loads faster.

What does Natsumi step means? Most ppl will think that Natsumi-chan got dump by her bf. Somehow she went through a mysterious journey and met with some new friends and finally let go of her past relationships and started to move forward. Well if you think this way, you are wrong ....

So what does it means? You may refer to this site for the explanation (I'm a bit lazy to write the whole thing ... :p) and make sure you try out the omake (おまけ).

Natsumi step means that she took a step and jump down from the platform and ended her life. Even though she was able to forget her bf at the end, she cannot proceed to heaven because of committing suicide. Or may be (from the omake) - she is crying and holding a crowbar (with bloodstain).... did she kill her bf ??? !!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Imperfections => Perfect

This is a TV commercial launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in Singapore. No spoiler here, just watch the video :p

"The little imperfections that make a relationship perfect"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chinese Culture ... LOL

I never know about this "Culture" ... LOL

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Chanllenges

Just as I thought I could finally slow down my pace .. new challenges came in. Seems like as long as you are alive, you can never escape from challenges. Well, hopefully I'll be able to handle it ... seems like a critical issue [>_<] ...

Argggghhhhh ...I don't give a damn !! Just bring it!!!

I Need A Phone

Planning to get a new phone ..
Found a nice phone here, but I don't think it is available in Malaysia yet .. should be very very very expensive lo ... [>_<]

楼下的房客 - 九把刀

回去Subang的这几天, 朋友们给我介绍了一位叫九把刀的作家。朋友们给的comment是超级变态的恐怖小说。已经许久没有看小说的我在好奇心的驱使下阅读了这本《楼下的房客》。网络上的建议是



感想:对于作者描述恐怖的杀人画面,无疑是非常的变态、恶心。差点有种令我不想再看下去的感觉。对于人在独自时是否会真的有黑暗的一面呢?我自己不是很清楚,只知道人的确有着不想让别人知道的一面,至于黑暗与否?那可另当别论 。这是我第一次接触到这种题材的小说,觉得还蛮不错,我是不是有潜质成为变态凶手呢??:p

note: 九把刀原名柯景腾,他作品风格多变、写作题材包括武侠、科幻、爱情、亲情或友情的、搞笑的、恐怖的、各式各样应有尽有, 并不只是恐怖小说而已。