Monday, November 28, 2011


Google have just launched the Chromebook recently and they are indeed pushing it for the coming holiday season.
Err..  wouldn't it a bit too late for a Chromebook while the market is full of tablets ?

Well looking at the specs, I don't think I'll be interested to get any of the models. An iPad looks more promising in this case.

However the promotion videos look really hilarious ...

Chromebook : Set Up

Chromebook : Backup

Chromebook : Installing Program

Chromebook: Virus Protection

Chromebook: Teaching Grandma

Chromebook: Fix Dad's Computer

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jerry & Tracy

So, my sister got married on last Sunday.
It was a pretty tiring weekend since there were a lot of preparations to be done before the wedding day.
Entertaining my relatives was the toughest job, I've been addressed by the following question countless times.

"So, when is your turn?"
"git si dao ngi o? " ( Hakka )



"Where is your gf?"
"Got gf d ar? "
"When u wanna bring home lar ~~ ?"


Well, thanks to skyip, I've got the perfect answer !!


Superb answer !!! But I dun think I have the guts to spit it out ..
I did bring along my camera this time hoping to capture some great moments. Unfortunately nothing much to share here.
The main reason is bcoz I was a little bit bz and also lacking of skills.
Anyway, the following 2 are the better shots that I could find and manage to do some minor touch up last night.



To Jerry:

Please be good to my sis or else I'll hunt you down to till the end of the world !!!