Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

日剧 - Oh! My Girl!!

There was a long weekend for the Christmas, despite going back to the office to finish up my work, I manage to finish one of the Jdrama for the autumn season. There isn't any famous actor nor actress in this drama (not really famous for those who not use to watch Jdrama), the rating was not really good as well ... average of 8.5 I think . However I just could not stop watching it one episode after another.

The story is about a young man Yamashita Koutaro was forced to live under one roof with a 6 years old girl, Sakurai Ann. Can you imagine what kind of situation could it be for a man who never take care of kids needs to play a role as a young father ??

It started with Hinako, Koutaro's elder sister who is a famous movie star in Japan left her daughter for Koutaro w/o informing him (what an irresponsible act... ) . Koutaro is 24, he is working as a part-timer journalist and at the same time working his way towards his dream - to become a novelist. A bachelor's lifestyle totally went wrong when Ann-chan came in to his life...

It may not be so bad at all by just living with a child, however the worst thing is the child is celebrity. She earns more than him, and of course spend more than he can ever imagine .. despite the high expenses, Koutaro needs to follow a set of guidance on taking care of young Ann-chan such as maintaining the ambient moisture , prepare the breakfast which is well bake raisin bread cut in to 28mm each slice precisely, taking care of her dog in an apartment which does not allow any pet .. etc..

It sounds like a comedy, but as you watch the drama you will feel the sense of warmth and love between Koutaro and Ann-chan. You will be inspired on raising a child, understand more deeply about children feelings as well as the parents'. Well , I'm not really a 100% family oriented person, but I enjoy this drama very much.

The theme song 時の足音 from Kobukuro (コブクロ) indeed is a very nice song. I like the lyrics whereby it describes human relationship as the minute hand and hour hand of a clock. Too bad that I couldn't find the English translation for the lyrics. You can click on the player in the music corner to listen to this song or simply click here for the PV.

The worst it could be before 2009

Alright ... last day of 2008 ... so the last day of 2008 just started for less than an hour ... and I really have the last and most "衰" thing in my life in 2008... In order to meet my assignment schedule .. here I am again staying back till midnight just wanna buy some extra time for my assignment.. well guess what ?? Just when I got my 1st set of data done ... the NEW LAB ... I repeat NEW LAB!!! got blackout for less than 1s I think ... so who will ever care about a less than 1s blackout.. and the next thing happen is .. the surge current on the power supply damaged my device ...

so the data collected = rubbish ... the device was damaged .. how am I going to collect the next set of data for a different test condition ... ?????!!!!! @#$$@$%$%^@@%#%$^$%$%$#$##%^$$%&^#@$

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Funny Chess Game

I never play this game before and have no idea what is it called .. well, all I could say is that he is really a brilliant player ... (^_^)

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tanaka Kikinzoku unveils golden Xmas tree in Osaka

What do you think about a golden Christmas Tree?? Well here is it :

Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. on Friday unveiled before the media a 150 million yen Christmas tree made entirely of pure gold and decorated with diamond, platinum and pearl accessories at its store in Osaka's Shinsaibashi shopping district.

Four filigree artists spent three months to fashion the tree, which looks like a golden fir, stands 1.5 meters tall and weighs 21 kilograms. Its five tiers of branches resemble lampshades.

"The holiday season this year may be less festive around the world (due to the economic downturn)," said store manager Mamoru Mashiko. "Still, we want people to brighten up at Christmastime by looking at this golden tree."

The tree will be on display on the first floor of the shop from 29th Nov through Christmas day.

quoted from

New place ≠ Better place

So I have been so excited about the new cubical in the new building as well as the new lab. Its kind of disappointed me because the building is just partially completed. The lobby, dinning room, gym, even the auditorium are not ready yet. Furthermore, contractors are coming in and out most of the time ... the air-con does not seems to take any effects as it is quite warm here ....

Here comes the best part, the pantry ... I would say ... Wow!! twice the size of the pantry in the old building ... it should have been a good sign.. however there is only one basin .. yes you got it right... just one basin for the pantry which is so large and people actually needs to queue up to wash their mugs or bottles .. etc. Back to the old building we have 2 per pantry.
I do like the Samsung refrigerator ... here is my colleague who enjoy so much with the new refrigerator .. (sorry for the poor pic editing .. I did it with mspaint not ps)

Next, the toilet. Well there are 2 toilet for the whole floor... they are located at the far end of the building. You have to walk ~20 to 40 meters to get to your toilet.. If the janitor is cleaning the toilet you have to walk >100 meters to go the next one ... and this brought to my concern .. what if both toilet are in the progress of cleaning?? You have to walk x meters again to the next floor...

The lab .. err ... all I can say is hopefully it will get better when the lab is fully moved over to the new building. There are some components that we need are still stored at the old lab .. and the technician can only support us for half a day and the other half for the old lab users. I like the new bench because it is spacious, I do not have to squeeze all my stuff to a single bench ..

Alright.. enough babbling here... have a look at my new cubical (^.^). I did some changes in the decorations, basically the rest are the same as the old cubical (besides no more junk for now .. hehehe )
The Poring doll still there .. along with the FerrariJack Skelington still sitting on the F40The Ribena .. I think it is expired... imagine a coffee color like Ribena when you pour into a mug .. geli ~~The collection of key chain is still there... with my permanent resident on my shelf ..

Hopefully the new environment will get some improvement soon ..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pack up

My department will be moving to the the new building on this coming Monday. Last Friday, almost everybody was busying packing up for the move. After working for 1 1/2 years in Altera, this was the 1st time I cleaned up my cube.. ⌐_⌐b

Alright ... here are some pics before cleaning up...

I know its messy .. yes I know ...

So starting from the shelf... errr. ... empty Spritzer Pop bottles , empty chocolate box, empty Pringgles container.. lol ... basically.. all junks..

Members of my cube
Last year's Christmas card, and empty chocolate box.. lol
Japanese wooden doll from the Bon Odori, Beckham Moddy Bear, etc..
newest member to my cube : Doraemon plush toy (^.^)

after cleaning up .. for the new owner of this cube.. some presents from me : Christmas card + expensive Chocolate (box) ... hehehe...

Posters + lyrics ( from Kobukuro) , some junk notes which I wrote for fun...

hehehe... can towers, Ribena, plastic containers ... lol.. I wonder why I would keep all these stuff here ..

and the towers were demolished due to violation in the construction rules and regulation and definitely violating the OSHA ... lol

Collections of key chain from my frenz ... and of coz .. the poring doll which has been with me for around 5 years ....
Ferrari and Jack Skelington...
So sorry to squeeze them into a small ESD bag...

Something which I found inside my drawer
An old RM10 note .. and Ang Pow with money ... (^.^)
Guess what ?? Decoration which I bought for CNY last year ...

And finally I found my pencil case ... which I thought it was lost ..

Alright... now finally its clean ... looking forward to my new cubical tomorrow...

コブクロ - 時の足音

Another great song from コブクロ....





別れの 季節に揺れる 儚き 一輪花
同じ温もりの風を 誰もが 探して 歩いてる
出会いは 空に流れる おぼろ雲の下で
重なり合う 時計の針のように
ゆっくりと (ゆっくりと) ゆっくりと

短い針が君なら 長い針が僕で
同じ時間を刻みながら 何度もすれ違いまた出会い
歩く歩幅は違っても 描く未来が同じなら
大丈夫 また同じ場所から 始められるから

「頑張ったけど 駄目だったね。」
「負けちゃったけど かっこよかったね。」
色んな 種をもらった 言葉が 心に 水をやる

短い春に咲く夢 長い冬を越えて
心の奥に集めた種は どんな 光で 育つのだろう
歩道の影に咲く花 誰のためにあるのだろう
誰のためでも ないよと輝く 君に照らされてる

想いが言葉に変るよ 言葉が光を呼んでる
光がほら影を作る 影で人は強くなれる
強さが優しさに変わる 優しさが出会いを呼んでる
出会いが 道を作る この道にまた 想いを 刻む

短い針が止まれば 長い針も止まる
同じ痛みを分け合えること いつしか喜びに変わるから
誰もが 一人 一つ 一瞬 一秒 一度きり 巻き戻せない時を
ためらわず生きてゆける そんな出会いを探してる

一人 一つ 一瞬 一秒 一度きり

出逢えて 良かった

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Orz .....

Staying back in the office again ... seems like works never end .. I wonder when will this end?? sigh ~~~

Monday, December 15, 2008

Digital Photo Frame

Looking for Christmas present ?? Well this can be a good idea... how about a digital photo frame ? ... since most of us normally keep the pics in digital form .. getting a digital photo frame might not be a bad idea of showing off all your awesome pics even though w/o your PC or laptop around you .... the product also supports video playback ... Here are some variety of digital photo frame which I found inthe market ...

Gadmei 7" Digital Photo Frame
~ RM440

Transcend 710C

Transcend 720W

Philips 10FF2M4 Photoframe

p/s : This is not an advertisement and I don't get commission for any product sold ...... =p

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Song

Coming to the end of 2008 ... I'm going to make it > 50 post before 2009 .. so here comes a song which I like so much during Christmas .... It is a Japanese song sang by K. He is a Korean and released his album in Korea and Japan as well ... He got great talent in singing and great voice ... This is one of my favorite "First Christmas" (not a new song but it is very nice) .. (^.^)

The Complete Manual of Suicide

Have you ever heard of this book ? " The Complete Manual of Suicide" or "完全自殺マニュアル".. It was written by Wataru Tzurumi (鶴見濟) and was published in the year 1993. It was the best seller in Japan which had sold 1.3 millions copies since 1993. The public describes the book as a clear, practical, non-moralizing, and useful how-to guide. The book was eventually banned in Japan and others countries...

WTH ... a book teaches you how to commit suicide !!! This is madness yet people actually follows the content of the book and committed suicide .... Copies of this book were found in Japan's famous spot for suicide "Aokigahara Jukai" / (青木ヶ原樹海) According to some readers' reviews, the book also stated the highest probability or chances of a perfect suicide (100% succeed) and the lower probability as well ...

Christmas Feel

There will be decorations seen everywhere when coming to a festive season .. well this month would be Christmas ... So today I found this Jack Skelington sitting at one folk's cube in my office ... Guess what ?? This 1 is exactly same as mine... the only different is mine is sitting on a Ferrari F40 and his/hers is having a santa hat on it ...

Here is mine ...
And here is the cute santa version of Jack Skellington ~~~

It is sooo cute .. (^.^)
May be I need to get mine a santa hat as well ... anyway .. Merry Christmas .. ho~ ho~ ho ~

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I came across this line in the movie " Sweet Rain" starring Takeshi Kaneshiro ( 金城 武). I'm not sure if I get the Japanese line correctly cause I directly grabbed it from the movie.


Means something that is not special but very important. I've thinking whether if there is such thing exist in my life ? I couldn't get the answer ... If there is something that is important, of course it is something special that makes it important to us.

Possible answers that i can think of : air, water, sun (booooring ~~).... money (wth), family ( noway !! they are special ) ... friends ( nah ~~ not really ) ....

Friday, December 12, 2008

SPEED is back !!

Its has been 4 years since the last reunion of the famous Japanese female band "SPEED" . Finally they r back and reunion on 23 Sept 2008, official announcement was made saying that they will be back permanently. On13 Nov 2008, they released their new single あたしの空. I've been listening to their songs since their debut ... now they r more mature and their performance are stunning ... welcome back ..

Speed - あたしの空

1. あしたの空
作詞:伊秩弘将/作曲:伊秩弘将/編曲:U-Key zone/編曲:中山聡


3. White Love~STEADY~Body & Soul 2008

4. あしたの空(Instrumental)
演奏:SPEED/作詞:伊秩弘将/作曲:伊秩弘将/編曲:U-Key zone/編曲:中山聡

5. SOMETHING NEW(Instrumental)

6. White Love~STEADY~Body & Soul 2008(Instrumental)