Wednesday, September 30, 2009

B'z - イチブトゼンブ - Buzzer Beat

Currently watching this jdrama "Buzzer Beat". Here is the OP by B'z - イチブトゼンブ.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Malaysian Anti-Smoking Commercial

I came across this commercial last week back in Subang while having a "yam cha " session with my friends. This was a great vid and yet I still find ppl around me laughing at this commercial while it was broadcast. Some of them were even holding a cigarette in their hand. Not sure how effective this commercial to the public, at least not effective enough for the youngsters. For me, this is definitely the best anti-smoking commercial I have ever seen. I'll definitely quit smoking if I'm a smoker.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

顺其自然 x 错失机会


Friday, September 18, 2009

I miss Milo and Nescafe

No more Nescafe .. sob sob ... where is my Milo ... ??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My long weekend

2 weeks ago, I got a long weekend with the National Day falls on Sunday. It was suppose to be a great chance to go back to Subang, spend some time with family and hang out with friends. Due to some circumstances, the trip was canceled and I had to spend the whole weekend alone in Penang.

I thought it was going to be work, sleep and back to work routine again throughout the weekend. Surprisingly, SC and PS who were interns in Altera sms me. They were spending their weekend on the island. Thanks to them I got someone to accompany me for the night.

We went to Coffee Island at Gurney Drive. I've heard of this place for so many times and yet to have a chance to pay a visit. I've read through some of the food blogs over the internet. There are a lot of complaints about their foods and services. Anyway I decided to give it a try. Since the place is always so happening , there must be something about it.

Alright, some comments from a ciplak blogger here :p . The Ice Blended Vietnam Coffee is errr ~~ seriously nothing special. Next, NEVER order satay, trust me you will regret if you do so. The sauce was terrible and and the meat tasted like paper (>_<). Luckily they served quite fast, the foods were served within 15 mins after we placed our order.

The second surprise of the day, I met with Elle and JC who were spending the weekend in Penang at Coffee Island. They were my friends from Subang. Seems like I did make a good choice by choosing this place.. (^_^). At least I did meet some of my old friends even though I missed the chance the go back to Subang.

Next destination was Church Street. I thought that I was finally able to taste the famous snow-beer. Too bad, there isn't any cups left. We ordered Heineken instead. Congratz to SC for her first drinking session and the 1st mug of beer in her life..even though she insisted not to drink in the 1st place.... (how could you escape from drinking when going out with demon .. wakakakaka) In fact, she finished her shares even faster than I did .. ( girls nowadays .. haiz .. :p)

There goes the fun part of the long weekend. Just one night, I did enjoy myself, the rest is all back to boring working life. Thank SC and PS for the night and WY for joining us as well. Looking forward for the next time visit, for the next time I'll surely get you guys Chivas. (^_^)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

W810i Memories

Just did some housekeeping on my portable HDD. Surprisingly I still keep the pictures taken with my W810i. I thought all of them were gone after I lost my phone[>_<]. Here are some of those pics (^_^).

Some "lan yao yeng" pose from me and my friends in Langkawi 2 years ago.

My "Jack Skelington" on Ferrari at my cubical.